About Kotani

logoWelcome. This site is previously setup to share about organization which supplies of goods and furniture, seminar bag, T-shirt and others on a number of government departments and agencies. Kotani also directly involved in recreational cycling road project in Taman Pertanian and Kotani Resort, Pulau Redang Marine Park which is under the subsidiary, Kotani Resort Travel & Tours (RTT) is more focused on domestic tourism, as welcomed by the government.

Currently, this website is dedicated to share about the business opportunity, technology and market place in Malaysia. Our Vision is being a superior based quality services and guidance to Malaysian in all areas to create a competitive, knowledge, global and high economical. We hope to contribute in improving the economy and standard of the people through knowledge sharing for people such as motivational programs, online business, SME and so on.

Kindly contact us here if you have any questions. Thank you.

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